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We are a football club established in 2023, that's currently competing in Philadelphia's very own Casa soccer league. Our club is based out of Sewell, NJ, and our mission is to build a competitive club environment that allows our players to further develop their games and make it to the next level.

"Growing up soccer has always been a huge part of our lives. From when we were kids us as well as most of the players on this original SOB team have played together at some point. The chemistry we have built over the years is something that shows in our game and is something we are truly proud of. We hope to not only strengthen this bond with each other, but also expand it to other players all throughout the South Jersey area.  

Our aim is to progress as a club and climb the ranks of the US soccer pyramid. With persistence and hard work, we believe this goal to be very attainable. We couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve already achieved in just these first few months, but in all honesty, this is only the start. The sky is the limit for the Sewell Old Boys FC."- The Founders


Owner & Head Coach

Nicholas Campbell

"I started this club as a way to make a positive impact on those around me. I'm doing this as a way to give back to my community in a way that's bigger than just soccer. I would like to thank everyone who has shown their love and support for the club, and I hope everyone continues to be apart of our family. Lastly I would like to thank my players as well as board members for making all of this possible." - Nick Campbell.

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Co owner

Co owner & Assistant Coach

Club Captain

Club Captain

Christian Campbell

Christian grew up with his family in Washington Township, NJ. Him and his brother spent most of their childhood playing and watching soccer. Christian graduated from Gloucester County Institute of Technology in 2019. Christian now studies occupational therapy at Gwynedd Mercy University.

Frederick Renzulli Jr.

Frederick was born and raised by his family in Washington Township, NJ. This town also happens to be the origin of his soccer career. Frederick graduated from Washington Township high school in 2021. He is now an Electrical Engineering major at Rowan University.

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Board member


Robert Piontkowski III

Robert grew up with his family in Washington Township, NJ. Robert started his soccer career with Washington Townships youth programs. He graduated from Washington Township high school in 2021. Robert is currently a Business major at Rowan College of South Jersey- Gloucester.

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