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May 23': Title Winners

Current Record: (9-0-1)

The boys in red have gone and done it! After a successful second half of the season the boys have clinched the Sexto division title. Winning five games on the bounce since the bye week the boys is what made this achievement possible. This impeccable achievement was by no means easy. Sob FC had to face both the second and third placed teams in the division in a double header to seal the deal on May 20th. Coming out of the day with a 3-1 victory against Washington Square SC and a 4-2 victory against Telle Bouche FC meant only one thing... PROMOTION!!!! Come back in June to see our title celebrations after our final game on June 3rd.

A lot has taken place for the club off the field as well. The most notable thing to occur during the past month being the partnership formed with SJ signs. Sob FC's new partners SJ signs are also based out of Sewell, NJ. They are a business made up of two brothers that specialize in crafting quality signs serving customers all over South Jersey.

This brings us to our next huge announcement. A part of the partnership deal was that SJ signs would be providing Sob with a monthly plaque. This plaque is for the clubs player of the month voted on by the coaching staff. It's with great honor that I am here to announce that Sewell Old Boys FC player of the month for April 2023 is...... Walter Bullen! Congratulations to Walter for a fantastic month representing the club well both on and off of the pitch. His exceptional player out on the wing saw him bag 3 goals, as well as set up numerous opportunities for his team mates.

April POTM: Walter Bullen


By: Fred Renzulli


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