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MARCH 23': There's a new team in town.

There's a new soccer club to the South Jersey area, and they go by Sewell Old Boys FC. This team is a young squad with an average age of just 20 years old. These boys are very hungry, and are willing to do whatever it takes to make a name for themselves. SOB will be putting its players to the test in the CASA Philly 11v11 league this spring season, as they look to have an excellent debut campaign. The Sewell Old Boys will be joining in on the leagues "6th" division known as the Sexto division. SOB hopes to compete with teams well more established than them to get the highest honor in this division. The boys hope to earn promotion and see themselves in the Quinto division come Fall. Will they be able to achieve this? Stayed tuned to find out.


By: Fred Renzulli


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