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Winter Update

Over the previous offseason some advancements have been made in the club's structure. With an outstanding amount of positive attention towards the club in recent months, many new players have come to our doorstep asking to play. For this reason we have decided it’s time for us to expand from one team to two. 

Sewell Old Boys FC will be our first team. They took a huge leap up the CASA ladder over this offseason, and are now competing in CASA Select Liga 2. This means games will now be played on Sundays, and the boys have the opportunity to compete for even more silverware.

Sewell Old Boys FC II will be our brand new second team. They will be continuing our journey in CASA in the Quinto division where our original team left off in the Fall. 

We here at Sewell couldn’t be more excited for these two upcoming league campaigns. We believe this new change will prove to be beneficial for everyone involved. This spring will hopefully be another memorable season in our club's history, and we can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. As always thank you everyone for your support, and here’s to a great season! #COYOB


By: Fred Renzulli


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